Still Nothing!!

2015-10-25 18.06.52                 MUMshow2015Oct (3)


This is my little ghost decoration and that spider is created out of chrysanthemums and it is about 1.5 meters high and 2 meters wide! (that’s about 4.5 feet high and 6.5 feet wide).  It was huge! It was at a flower show I took my mother to this week. I like my little ghost – it’s printed plastic bags and you stuff them with leaves. Ah, so I did rake up a few more leaves – but as you can see from the photo there are plenty of leaves still on the ground. The trees are almost bare now so I guess the next week or so I will start raking some of them. The garden show was wonderful – so many great displays and very creative! It was a pleasure to go out with my mother somewhere so nice and pleasant!!

So – my teaching career – or lack of. I have a list of some principals to call and make appointments with. Posting my intentions makes me a bit more determined to do it. Thanks my online friends. So I am planning to go to see these principals and ask them how to get into a school system that is not hiring. As I said in my last post I have been welcomed to volunteer but have not yet been called to do any volunteering. Go figure! Free teaching and I still can’t get in – what’s a teacher to do?! So yes, I will make the phone calls to some schools tomorrow – for sure!  What harm is it to call and ask for a quick meeting with the principal to pick his brain about education? (and ask if a masters degree would be an advantage) While I am at the schools I will volunteer as well.

I have started – aaaarrrgghhhh (despair and sadness)-  looking for jobs outside of teaching. It is with a heavy heart, but I have to – I need to work. I just hate not to be teaching. Even my tutoring, D Mac’s Tutoring, has not yet had a client! It is so difficult to be in this situation when in Alberta I was working for two school boards, and my tutoring was so busy I couldn’t even take any more students. I worked 11 and 12 hours a day! Such a difference!! I came to Ontario to be with my family and even they say I should have stayed in Alberta – too late now. (they believed I would get a teaching job here as much as I did)

Ontario elementary teachers are also negotiating their contracts and so there is some tension as parents are having to do more at the schools to run programs that teachers can not do until their contracts are settled. The politics of teaching is horrible but I just love the children and teaching. I am glad to have other blogs to read and occupy my mind with their stories and lives as I don’t like being so useless as I have been these past months. I am getting quite proficient in French reading and writing and I have recently moved my keyboard indoors so I can keep up my music as well. It was nice to play out in the carport during the warm summer and early fall, but now it is getting cooler. Schools in the United States are in desperate need of teachers so that is where I am looking now for teaching positions. Some place they don’t have snow.

As always, thanks to my followers and I look forward to your comments and posts of your lives. Until next time, Yours in Education, D Mac. 


Starting Blogging 101

Hello and welcome to the first of my writing/blogging course work. I want an interesting blog so I enrolled in a combined course to help me get going in the right direction. So already I have learned I can add tags. This helps bring people to my blog that may be interested in what I am writing about. The reason I decided to go public is so that people that may be thinking about becoming a teacher can see and journey with me the real-life experience of being a teacher these days. Sure a lot of people tell me that their mom, aunt, relative was a teacher and it was great. Well then this is not going to be your experience – if you have a relative already to help you with the “in” then your ahead of me. I am on my own. Sure I have seven years experience in another province and lots of letters of recommendation, even from principals, but to not know anyone!! is a tough place to be.  There is no teacher contract and that is in the news, plus the teachers in Ontario have the new curriculum for sex education.  I have always been comfortable explaining any sex related information to my children, or their friends, if they ever came to me with questions they may have been too afraid or embarrassed to ask their parents. I use proper terminology, and tell the truth as best I know it. I am so excited to get a class and yet the promise looks bleak. I do hope by some miracle that I get hired, full time by a great school board so I have an opportunity to show how much I love teaching, care about every child, and refuse to believe that there is a child that can not be taught. Every child can learn if I give them the tools, love, support and encouragement they need. It sounds like a lot because it is! That is why teachers want smaller class sizes, and parents should be backing them up with this. It is very difficult to get to each child when there are more than 18 children and one teacher. The figure is more like 25-28 students to one teacher.  Well now I am writing about my passion and rambling on beyond what you probably want to read. I will sign off for now and ask you to please support your child’s teacher. Get involved with the school, find out what you can do at home to help your child succeed at school and work as a team with the teacher, principal, and others to get the best education for your child.  Teachers always appreciate a homemade treat or just knowing you can help by donating those paper towel tubes, or old magazines you are no longer using. Yours in Education, Miss MacTavish.