Still Nothing!!

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Still Nothing!!

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This is my little ghost decoration and that spider is created out of chrysanthemums and it is about 1.5 meters high and 2 meters wide! (that’s about 4.5 feet high and 6.5 feet wide).  It was huge! It was at a flower show I took my mother to this week. I like my little ghost – it’s printed plastic bags and you stuff them with leaves. Ah, so I did rake up a few more leaves – but as you can see from the photo there are plenty of leaves still on the ground. The trees are almost bare now so I guess the next week or so I will start raking some of them. The garden show was wonderful – so many great displays and very creative! It was a pleasure to go out with my mother somewhere so nice and pleasant!!

So – my teaching career – or lack of. I have a list of some principals to call and make appointments with. Posting my intentions makes me a bit more determined to do it. Thanks my online friends. So I am planning to go to see these principals and ask them how to get into a school system that is not hiring. As I said in my last post I have been welcomed to volunteer but have not yet been called to do any volunteering. Go figure! Free teaching and I still can’t get in – what’s a teacher to do?! So yes, I will make the phone calls to some schools tomorrow – for sure!  What harm is it to call and ask for a quick meeting with the principal to pick his brain about education? (and ask if a masters degree would be an advantage) While I am at the schools I will volunteer as well.

I have started – aaaarrrgghhhh (despair and sadness)-  looking for jobs outside of teaching. It is with a heavy heart, but I have to – I need to work. I just hate not to be teaching. Even my tutoring, D Mac’s Tutoring, has not yet had a client! It is so difficult to be in this situation when in Alberta I was working for two school boards, and my tutoring was so busy I couldn’t even take any more students. I worked 11 and 12 hours a day! Such a difference!! I came to Ontario to be with my family and even they say I should have stayed in Alberta – too late now. (they believed I would get a teaching job here as much as I did)

Ontario elementary teachers are also negotiating their contracts and so there is some tension as parents are having to do more at the schools to run programs that teachers can not do until their contracts are settled. The politics of teaching is horrible but I just love the children and teaching. I am glad to have other blogs to read and occupy my mind with their stories and lives as I don’t like being so useless as I have been these past months. I am getting quite proficient in French reading and writing and I have recently moved my keyboard indoors so I can keep up my music as well. It was nice to play out in the carport during the warm summer and early fall, but now it is getting cooler. Schools in the United States are in desperate need of teachers so that is where I am looking now for teaching positions. Some place they don’t have snow.

As always, thanks to my followers and I look forward to your comments and posts of your lives. Until next time, Yours in Education, D Mac. 

Happy Fall People!

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Already! But it was so warm I had no idea until someone told me. I had to show both the water and the forest because I just love them both so much. I took my dog to the beach today and had a great walk with him. He chased squirrels and I tried to find some acorns that were not squished. I was not successful.( I will look tomorrow as I want to give them to a friend coming to visit later from a place that does not have acorns.)The air was warm but no humidity, and the sun shining so bright and hot it still felt like summer today. I am glad to be back in Ontario – I am pretty sure Alberta is very cold already and I would not have been able to walk by the beach in Alberta. I packed my summer clothes away and got out the fall/winter wardrobe – it is bittersweet as I love my little summer outfits but then I opened a box of my boots and fall shoes and got excited for them. Except for the real winter boots – you know the ones that have fur lining – and if you don’t know I envy you. I am not a fan of winter and snow. I have had it long enough. Fall walks as the leaves crunch and whats the word I am thinking – rustle. The only time I use this word – The leaves rustled as we walked on them. If you don’t have fall in your area it really is that colourful and amazing. Ducks are flying south -Canada Geese – and lots of other birds go south for winter. Fall has such a great smell to it as well. Fall smells like earthy, dirt, damp, and wonderful smell. Pumpkins are ready and I bought some carving sets today so we can carve Jack O’ lanterns for Halloween. Post me what you do for halloween please. We also have Canadian Thanksgiving in another three weeks – October 12th. We will have a traditional family gathering with a roast turkey and my mom already made two apple pies to go in the freezer until Thanksgiving. Smells so good. Relating back to teaching -as that is what my site is about –  I should be in a classroom now, but if you read my posts you know I am working the tutoring angle and still trying for a teaching position.Oh yes, they are still being advertised even though school has started. I don’t even know if Ontario does a fall break?? Some school boards in Alberta did and others did not have a fall break. Since I am not teaching it doesn’t really matter. May this new season of dormancy and quiet be a useful time for all of you to get your stuff together and be ready for new beginnings when the spring comes. Fall, like the falling leaves is a time to clean out the old to get ready for the new that is coming!! I am starting to design my tutoring flyers with an updated fall photo, and get a website. Websites are a long process if you try to do most of it yourself. (hire some help it’s worth it) Set one up over winter when you have time to focus on it because it is too cold to be outside all day like in the summer. Go clean up your yards, balconies, gardens and even your automobile. Plan stuff to do over winter and prepare it all now while the weather is still fairly warm. Share with me in the comments of your fall activities and possible winter project. Thanks again my dear readers. Yours in Education, D Mac.

Being a New Teacher

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Knowing that you are going to have a struggle getting a job and living through the struggle are two different mind-sets. To begin I felt so confident that it didn’t matter that there are no jobs – I am a lucky person, I will somehow be chosen to be the new teacher. Time fast forward almost three months of applications and not even an interview and the confidence is starting to decrease. Not bad for three months of having nothing but time to ponder, and create scenarios of success and wonderful smiling faces of students that are yet to present. Even earlier today I sent out applications to a couple of schools, with that glimmer of hope that never escaped the jar!! Hope – a tiny word but it is so powerful. It drives me forward and has me here again, inspired to never give up!! Now the creativity is flowing and I am trying to come up with new ideas that I can do to stay in the teaching field but not necessarily be in a classroom. The obvious one is presenter on one of the collaborative unhangouts I meet at every Saturday morning, although it is unpaid, it is so wonderful to share knowledge, get feedback from other teachers and enhance my skill set by expanding to presenter. (similar to teaching but to adults with intelligence) Then there is tutoring, which is a great place, I just have to get one or two clients to get started and then I am generally too busy to take all the families that want me!! I just need those few students to start! (there’s hope again) I think I’m going to create a little animation for “Hope” Truly a feminine trait to add life to formally inanimate objects. Then the other idea is to offer to present at public events such as the next teacher’s convention. Most of the presenters were once teachers or they are teachers. I have some great ideas I just need to organize so they can be presented in an organized, informative fifty minute session to a room full of fellow educators. Literacy, numeracy, “How to Treat your Substitute and Prepare your Class for their Arrival.” This is my key plan right now. I can also do a presentation on “What to expect from the Tutor”. Having been a tutor and substitute teacher for several years now I sure have a lot to say about both. Hey – two seminars!! See, all it takes is a little creativity and I can generate some income!! Wish me luck – of course you’ll all hear about it right here. Yours in Education, D Mac.

Blogging 101- Not What I Expected

Expectations are wonderfully annoying to me, and yet they pop up uninvited all the same. I find they consistently do not coincide with the reality of my life.  Having said that I am asked to put a survey into my blog, it didn’t happen. I could not understand the instructions and it just isn’t working.Today I am asked to link a comment I made on someone else’s post!! Again – not happening as I just do not understand the process or the explanation of how to link my comment on their post back to my post. (it’s confusing just writing it). I would like to thank all the people that comment on my posts – I wish there was a great, easy-to-follow way to reply to your comments but I have no idea how. Thank you to those that follow my blog as well! I really, really appreciate your follows. Again, I do not know how to thank you the way I see others posting under comments thanking the commenter. I thought blogging 101 would explain how to do things in the blog posts, how to add widget – what ever a widget is?- and how to make your site the way you (I) want it. I have not got the site at all how I would like it – do not know how to do things  like I see on other great-looking blogs, and posts and am too frustrated now to worry about it. I spend so much time trying that I end up frustrated and do not even get a post written. So until I get more patience this is the best I have to offer. I often wonder if other people are frustrated trying to do things or set up their posts with no luck?Please know that I appreciate your comments and follows and I hope you continue to read my rants – I will do my best to keep following the blogging 101 course and the writing 101 course. Going to do a workout to relieve some stress! Yours in Education(just not blog education-hehe), D Mac

An Open Letter

September 18, 2015

Dear People,

It would be so much easier to communicate with you if you just spoke honestly and clearly about what you want. I feel that I speak well and communicate what I need and try to make you understand my boundaries. If people could just say exactly what they mean instead of , “you know what  I mean” or “Well, that’s because of who I am”. I do not understand what these sentences mean and it serves me no purpose to hear them. When asking for an explanation I am not trying to be rude or insensitive or difficult – I truly want plain, simple English that I can make sense out of and not have to interrpret. “Well I’m a guy sooooo”  so what? Not all guys are the same and even if they are I am not one so saying that means nothing to me. “Well I am your mother” and…..?? I am a mother too – what do you mean?!!  All I ask is for clear communication – it seems too hard for most of you to give me that so I will continue to go around making my own conclusions – and we all know how grand that is!!   So, sincerely, your confused associate. D Mac