Teaching in Ontario; Year 3


I feel like it was just a few months ago that I started this blog to help me with the transition to teaching in Ontario. (from western Canada).

I took a course through the school I work at to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the culture I am now immersed in every day. (I maintain my Christianity) It was a long, challenging course but I learned and grew as a person and educator. It was a great feeling to graduate!

I finished my second year in the school with fun games of A Minute to Win It, and doing a Mystery Skype with a class in Nigeria!   My third graders were the quietest I have seen them and the looks on their faces were wonder and amazement! We had skyped with other classes before but this was a first to do a mystery skype with a class that we did not know. It was a good experience that I hope they will always remember as something fun, positive and exciting.  I intend to keep doing Mystery Skype at least once per month so the students get to experience globalization on a real basis. “Visiting” other classes is better than me trying to describe different geographical locations and environments to them.

I can hardly believe that I am going into my third year! Where does the time go? It has been the same as anyone would expect, teaching is teaching – once you get a classroom you bring out your superhero teacher self and do the best you know how to teach these children how to be leaders, good citizens, and responsible community members. The hardest part is getting a classroom – I know this as I was a substitute for six years! Being accepted into a private school and having to wear a hijab to do what I love are things I accept in order to teach. I did not even apply to any public schools for the upcoming school year as I am happy with the place where I am at and have come to feel a part of a family there. Wearing a hijab is a bonus that saves me about a half an hour every morning that would have been spent getting my hair to an acceptable style. Wearing a hijab is not as easy as tying on a scarf, it is part of my outfit. I never knew until I had to wear one that it is like having to add a hat to your outfit every day and so you need a lot of different styles and colours to match your outfits. I often watch YouTube videos to get ideas of how to add my some personal pizzazz. I have fun with it!

This year is a bit of the same and a bit new as the new principal has implemented looping to our school. We will move with our classes to the next year!! So now I am teaching fourth grade in September. I was not happy at first, but now am very accepting of the idea that I get my same kiddos, that I have grown to love like my own children. After two years in one grade, I felt like I was getting really good with the curriculum and my lessons are fun and creative. I created totes of all the supplies I need to teach the lessons in creative ways, and to have supplies so that all the kids are engaged. Now I have to start all over getting to know the curriculum and trying to find fun ways to teach it, knowing it will only be for one year, as I have already been told I will probably follow this group again to fifth grade. At this point, the plan is to then go back and start a new three-year cycle with another group.

We never know what our lives will hold, and we can only plan as best as we can, following our dreams and making the best of where we are. Always try to be prepared, create a group of friends that will support your dreams and encourage you to be your best.  I have a wonderful support group on Twitter, and I even was published as an editor to a collaborative book for/by educators last year! That was a huge surprise for me as I had never considered I would be publishing or editing books. You never know what life has in store and if you go beyond your comfort zone in positive directions wonderful growth and experiences may just be waiting !! My best wishes for all of you to achieve happiness, and your dreams.

Yours in Education,

D Mac.


Time…It Does Not Stop

Wow, it has been a year and a few days since my last post-how delinquent of me!!

I am still teaching full time and working with a new bunch of third graders, as rambuncious as the last ones, and I love them all, as always!!

A few changes in staff and my role has become one of a more meaningful position, (in my mind if not in reality-hehe) although I may be just taking on more than I need to! 🙂 I apologize as I am not really focused on this entry – it is definitely a rant. I just hope anyone that is looking for a teaching job is having good luck. Be open, be willing to try new places you may have never considered before and learn all you can from what you get.

I believe I am fortunate to be working and love the challenges I have almost daily. Perhaps not at the time but they all help me grow as a teacher and a person, learning more about myself and others.

I see a writing challenge I may take up – still thinking about it- from one of the wonderful people I follow. I find my days are full already with working but I like writing on here! Time will tell…May God Bless You all and keep you on track through the rest of this year and into the New Year 2017!!

Yours in Education,

D Mac.

Happy Holidays !

images (1)Beachperson

Happy Holidays Everyone! I wish I was on the beach somewhere tropical, but I am quite happy with my family here in Southern Ontario with no snow and temps around 13 plus Celsius! That is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  I am fine with no snow! Happy in fact. Well with the school closed for two weeks I have a moment or two to tell about my wonderful full time teaching job! Thank God!! (and I did)

I am working and very happy – a little ways from my parents but that is fine too. I teach a very loud, busy bunch of super smart grade three children. They are curious as children should be, excited and eager to learn, and they make me so happy to be a teacher. I love them every one.

The school must be one of the few on this planet without computers for the students but we make do without. I am very disappointed though because I had so much planned to do with technology. I did start the Remind app so I can contact the parents easily and quickly and had only three join. So sad. Perhaps more will join if the word gets out how easy it is to talk to the teacher with the Remind app.

If you are willing to relocate I am sure there is a job for you too somewhere. I am going to catch up on the blogs I have been missing and see what my global friends are up to . I thank you all again for following me and sending kind thoughts and prayers out for me. I hope you all have wonderful holidays and are able to be with ones you love.

Yours in Education, Ms Mac!

I am Teaching !!

Hi there, I apologize for not writing.

I will do an update as soon as I have time. It is a grade 3 class

and I thank all my followers that sent well wishes out for me.

Bless you all and keep trying – there are jobs out there.

It is a private school and not a great wage as a real public school

board would be, but I am teaching and that’s what is important to me!

Yours in Education, D Mac.

Teaching with Quick Reading Codes


This is some amazing technology!! With some online professional development I have learned what those little squares of dots and smudges are all about. Sometimes it is not bad being unemployed as I have time to go to afternoon webinars (on my couch) and learn this stuff that I might not learn if I was busy teaching. (I am ready to teach 45 yesterdays ago already!! and any day now !)

qr code

If you have an app to read QR codes you will get the message. I got a free app from the Play store on my phone.  So I will use this as a way to send messages to parents of my students and in the classroom.   I can embed website addresses into the QR code so young students do not need to type out a website – they can just scan the code and it will take them to the website I want them to be at. The QR code can be at the top of a sheet of paper with several questions about the book I want them to read, or math questions, science or whatever subject we are working on.   It is faster and easier for the students, and the teacher. Most Chromebooks have a QR reader and it is as easy as scanning the code.

qr code

The ways you can use these are numerous for the classroom. You can color code them and match them to your reading groups so the students go to a site that has books they can read for their level. So the whole class can be reading about the same topic – just everyone at their own level. This allows a class discussion and everyone can take part.  The students are on task and the teacher can circulate around and ask questions to check for understanding and comprehension.

If this is something that interests you there are lots of sites that have instructions to get you started. I am pretty sure the students will love this and you will be pleased with how quickly you catch on. You will!

I hope you try some QR codes and have fun with your class – or your kids if you are not a teacher. You can text a code to your kids asking them to call you when they get it. Ha! Then send them your to do list. I hope you have fun.

If you want to try to create your own Quick Read Code just go to any website – I used this one . It is so easy and quick .You will impress yourself when you do this!

Enjoy the rest of the week – Yours in Education, D Mac.

Technology to Promote Education

I want to share the many, many ways we can all promote intelligent use of electronics. There are so many (free) educational apps for iPad’s, iPhone’s, computers and tablets.

I recommend going to your local store and getting a little binder, notepaper, and lots of tabs. (or little post-its and a roll of scotch tape) You will create your tabs as your browse the sites and create your own catalog of what is important to you. Remember to add what site you got the information from in case you want to go back to it again. I have teaching, literacy, math, assessment, websites to check out, classroom management and personal interest. Leave the tabs blank but have them ready as you will need some way to organize the information. I even bought some little sticky notes and a roll of tape so I could add more tabs quickly and easily. I print the name on the post-it, then tape it to the edge of the page because otherwise they tend to fall off. Extend the tape from the front, around the post-it and over the back, adhering it to the page on the  back. This keeps the tab in place and the ink from getting smudged.

I use free educational sites; I do not endorse any of these, nor do I promote them. I like them because they are free, easy to navigate and the information is up to date, relevant for most people, and most provide links to more resources:

EduTopia! Oh my goodness I can not say enough about this site. It has more information than I can get through in a month! I absolutely love it!! Everything from the core subjects (reading, math, science) to project based learning, game based learning, and many more – all kinds of videos, and posts/articles if you want to read about stuff. The articles are written by educated teachers, researchers and other experts. This is stuff you can watch and use right away – where it says classroom just imagine home if you want.  Go there now.You can browse topics by grades or subject from preschool to grade 12.

SimpleK-12 – There is a paid subscription but it is really not needed to get tons of information and access lots of valuable learning tools. A lot of webinars are available without paying and they are usually during the week on a Wednesday afternoon. A webinar is an online meeting where you listen and watch from home and you can see and hear the presentation but they can’t see you. So there are a lot of comments about learning in your pajama’s. 🙂  You can type in any question using your keyboard and the question will be answered at the end of the presentation. Once you join, again free, you will get email notices so you know when there are webinars about topics which you are interested. Easy! http://www.simplek12.com

http://pbskids.org/ and http://www.pbs.org/parents//  These are two sites with a lot of educational games for younger children.  Your kids will have fun for a long time playing games they do not even realize are teaching them skills! At the site for parents there is a lot of information for parents that include food, fitness, parenting, development. There is a lot here to browse and read through.

Those should be enough to get you going for the weekend and perhaps offer some fun (educational) ideas.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Yours in Education, D Mac.

This is Southern Ontario Now – Our Season is Fall or Autumn

20151020_135150    The leaves are certainly nice colours now that they are all changed to beautiful red, yellow, orange, and of course, brown. So a little lesson in the seasons for those that do not have them – this is the season of Autumn, or fall. I believe it is called fall because the leaves fall off the trees and cover the ground in a blanket to keep it warm through the winter months. I believe God and Nature have designed leaves to stay on the ground and keep the earth warm through the long, cold months of winter. The leaves naturally break down through the winter with the snow melting, and spring rains they get dissolved into the ground and nourish it with whatever nutrients are in the leaves.  SO EVERYONE SHOULD LEAVE THE LEAVES ON THE GROUND!!!! Yes a little pet peeve of mine. I raked up about four huge bags of leaves and the next day you would not even know it. The ground was covered again!! The wind just blows all the leaves off the trees and the leaves blow all over the yard, the driveway, the streets, clogging ground sewer drains sometimes, and in this instance, yes they have to be picked up and bagged. However, I have taken a stand against the leaves and nature and wind and am not raking any leaves until they are all off the trees. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Some people might want to rake a huge pile so their kids can jump in them, or to clean up the street, but otherwise, I don’t see the point. It’s a waste of time. I like how nice and clean that lawn looks all mowed and clean, but I can hardly believe it!! That must be a full time job looking after that huge lawn to the right of the picture. It is huge!  On that note – a local school does outdoor classes. They believe the kids learn better or more effectively or something so they have regular, outdoor classes. I am not sure what they do during these outdoor classes as I have not yet been included. Let me back track a bit. I had a meeting to volunteer at a local school, but I have not yet actually gone in and had any time with the class. It was a very relaxed, happy meeting because there was no pressure for me as I was not interviewing for a job. Well I guess I was – a volunteer job – but if it was a teaching job I am a terrible interviewee. I get nervous and say stupid answers – I even practice and have notes and cue cards but so far nothing has helped. I think I just have to get pissed and be confident and go into my next interview with an attitude of experience and confidence that I am the best teacher for the job, and I need to exude that confidence and get hired. First I need to get an interview. I am also looking at starting my masters degree in January since I am not getting any teaching job so far. So I am looking for master degree programs now. I am thinking online and possibly with some class time – but for financial reasons (no job) I think online would be best so I can stay at home and not worry about travelling ($) in the snow and cold of winter.  As usual, I will keep you updated my faithful followers. If you have any comments or questions about Canada or Ontario or the seasons feel free to ask! Yours in Education, D Mac.

Still Trying to Teach In Canada

Missed my midweek rant. I was busy on Wordy Wednesday putting up posters for my tutoring enterprise. I figure if I can’t get a teaching job I can make my own opportunities. I am not a huge fan of tutoring but I would rather do it than not teach at all. So I went out again today and put up more poster/flyers all around the area. I figure if I get one or two phone inquiries it will be worth all the time it took to design, print and post the flyers. In reality I believe for all the effort it took to put up the 15 or so flyers, I may get one or two contacts and possibly one client. One is all it takes – especially if the student is also a hockey player. How ironic that I choose hockey and I am in Canada. It is true though that a lot of students are on hockey teams and what do moms do while the kids are practicing and playing all that hockey – Talk!! So, again I say, if I can get one hockey player that would be great!! I have to do some French studies now so that’s all I have tonight. Have a great weekend and I will keep you posted as to Teaching In Canada. Yours in Education, D Mac.

Wordy Wednesday – A Teaching (not) Rant


I live at the base of the Niagara Escarpment, since I can remember.(about 45 mins west of Niagara Falls,ON, Except for the last 11 years I was in  Alberta.) Now I am back on the same block I grew up on!! Wow! Love it here as leaves are turning red. Beautiful!!

Just finished a great twitter session with fellow educators (can I say that since I am a teacher even though I am not teaching?)  and some fabulous people that I just loved “meeting” and learning with. I am so excited to be able to connect and learn from these people – it is so inspiring. My dilemma is that I am not teaching yet and it is going to be October tomorrow. I have made some advertisements for tutoring in the area where I live and as luck has it rain prevails, with winds and coolness. Not making excuses, just wondering how to get my adverts to stay nice and readable if I put them around the hood with all this nasty water pelting down. I do have the clear plastic page protectors to put them in but how is the tape going to stick on the places I post them? It is not.  I guess I have to be my Sarah inspired super hero teacher ego/id ? and get my butt into some local schools. This is not easy. I feel so intimidated to present myself as an unemployed teacher so I want to volunteer my time helping students read. Why?!!! Exactly – why should I feel intimidated? So what if I don’t have a teaching job yet – that shouldn’t keep me from helping some precious, little sweetie read. I love teaching and seeing the excitement when a child learns to do something. I feel so inspired now that I have had a chance to connect and hear from other educators and I just want a class so bad that I am willing to do volunteer work until some principal recognizes teaching talent when they see me with the students. Ah no!! I had a principal tell me once he likes me on the sub list because I am the best sub he has. Hence he never wanted me to get hired because he wanted me to cover for his absent teachers. I don’t want to be stuck volunteering because a principal doesn’t want to have to pay me if he can get my work for free. Ah I will give it some time and see what happens. Maybe I can get on a substitute teacher list if I do some volunteer work and the principal sees what a great teacher I am. I am and I know I am because I have the reference letters from principals and teachers, and letters from students that love me and say I am the kindest teacher they ever had. I am not bragging here just stating facts and giving myself motivation to get my butt in the door and at least make an effort to start teaching again. Even if it is a volunteer position. I just want to help children to read. Almost all children can read – there may be some that truly can not but I believe most can. Given the right amount of assistance, support, kind words of encouragement and teaching how to sound words out, will help every child to read. Teachers do not have the time in the crowded classrooms of today’s schools (everywhere not just in my area) to provide that kind of attention. If a child is struggling they either get help from a volunteer like I am willing to do or they get left behind struggling and fighting to read on their own. I am sure most teachers want to help all their students succeed but in the reality of the classroom there is a schedule and lessons and if a student can not read the lesson then they are struggling to keep up. I have to get in the schools and start helping the teachers to get the children reading. Please send me some words of encouragement not to be afraid to approach busy principals that may have a secretary or office staff that doesn’t want to let me through. I do not know what I am going to say but I know I want to help the children. Do you realize if a child can not read they can not do most of the work in any subject? All subjects require the student to read to know what to do. Reading opens up the world to a person and allows them to get any information they want. Be happy you can read this now. I hope you can feel my passion for reading. I hope the admin at the school feels it and wants to give me a chance to help. I will go pick my outfit as first impressions count and I want to be impressive. I think my rambling mouth will get me in more than a studious teacher suit and sensible shoes. Or should I go for a heel? I am a shoe lady and love fashion too – but that’s another blog – this is just my teaching space. So there you go – I have made a blog site for teaching so I have to be teaching or I will have to re-do my whole blog site and I do not want to do that. Okay – Thursday October 1st, 2015, I am going to walk in to at least two offices of the two local elementary schools and I will let you know what transpires. Wish me the best! Yours in Education – again- can I say that if I am not teaching? Please -this is my space – hehe.  Here I go!  D Mac.