In like a Lion…



February 28, 2018


March 1, 2018

Just when I was enjoying the incoming spring weather, Mother Nature jumped up and said, “Ha, just teasing!”

Tomorrow’s Friday. I can hardly wait to see what is in store for us.

Always Learning,

Miss D.








What Do You Do in A Day – still part of the blogging 101 series

dogwithstickatbeach lakeontariowaves2

Hearing the waves crashing and watching my dog play in the water are such great parts of my day today!

I don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy an expanse of water ( that is Lake Ontario). Sure I may not be going swimming today but just sitting on the shore, in the grasses and watching my dog enjoy the water is so relaxing and soothing I just love it. I remember so many days when I lived in Alberta just wishing I could go to the water because it relaxes me and takes all the tensions away with every swoosh of a wave. A few minutes and life is good again. No drugs, no alcohol, nothing but waves crashing. I feel lucky.

We started the day today the same as always with a visit to the big back yard that is full of mature trees, with busy squirrels gathering nuts. I sip coffee and wake up as poochy tries to get the little fuzzy critters. Two cups of coffee and then he waits patiently for me as I go in and get dressed. It is nice to be so secluded that I can go out in my pj’s and enjoy my morning coffee in the back garden. I feel lucky.

We walk down the quiet street, by now all the school buses and kids are gone to school. We cross the street into a field and we both run and play along a path. He chases something – I am guessing grasshoppers – and I enjoy the sound of the train clicking along the tracks not far off. Life is good. I feel lucky!

Out of the field and not far along the street we come to a fabulous park with a grand forest of old, very big, tall trees. Poochy gets to chase those fuzzy critters some more! He is so happy. And look how fast he runs after them. I gather some acorns, still with their little hats on too. I find some other nuts and add them to my collection. These will go into my science tub for the classroom I am still hoping to get. I like to have real things for my students to see, feel, smell and hold as we learn about them.  Friends show up, it is so nice to see them. The dogs play a bit together. We walk the dogs around the park, and then continue along, talking and chatting. We get to my place and I share my back garden retreat. My friends are surprised. You can’t see it at all from the road and the dog runs all around the big back yard. My dog is glad to be home and lays down in his usual spot, ignoring the spirited pup in his space. My friends go home. I am in my back garden. I feel lucky!

We relax for a bit. I go in the house and have a chat with my beautiful mom. I love being here and being able to see her daily. I missed her when I was in Alberta. It is good to be home. I feel  lucky!

My son enters the room and says good morning. I like being able to see him every day too. He left Alberta before me and I thought I would go crazy. Of course I didn’t. It is good to be close again. I feel lucky!

(It was at this point the dog and I went to the beach.)

How do I finish this feeling so lucky theme? If only I got a full time teaching job I would feel even more lucky? Or if I won so much money in a legal lottery that I didn’t have to work I would feel lucky? Most people would like that!

Life is good now. I have all of Maslow’s basics covered. Loving family, a home, food,clothes, and even a companion dog.

I am lucky. I hope you are lucky too! D Mac.

A Community Event – part of Blogging 101

Today was a challenge to join a community event. Apparently there is a community for bloggers (of course there is). It was difficult to pick one as there are so many events that appeal to me. The different colour scheme of this one (see here) made me pick it.

The challenge is to write about where beep beep boop came from, and how it inspired the staff at WorPress. You know that message we get while we are waiting to write the post. I admit when I first saw it I thought, “Oh that’s so cute!” Because it is cute. So I found a picture and will create a little post about what I think it means.

images (1)beepboop

The picture is the staff at WordPress, wandering by one  another saying Beep, beep, boop, than laughing hysterically. It is definitely an inside joke. Someone started it, and without real intention, it just became a thing. Or was it intentional? No, wasn’t – it made everyone laugh for reasons even they don’t know. That’s when it got plopped into the site as  a waiting signal for greatness. Meaning all the great bloggers here! Maybe it means, “Blog with us” or ” Just write something” I don’t want to know because it is more fun to make up my own meaning. I am sure somewhere in the cubicles of WP there is a Star Wars junkie that knows the truth……

To me, it means, “Hold that very exciting thought you are dying to share because there are people that want to read it. We are trying to get your site ready for all that craziness to come from your brain, to your fingers, to the page.”

I sit with a small smile as I watch the little blue balls dance under the words and think about what my post will start with. I feel a bit like I am at a starting gate, waiting for the gun to go off so I can start! Thanks WP – I like it!

What do you think it means? Please leave me a comment.  Happy Weekend! Always learning, D Mac.

Something New for That Certain Reader

themapBlogwritesept10This was me a month or two ago – looking at a map of Canada, following the line of the Trans Canada Highway from Alberta to Southern Ontario.  I remember thinking it is such a long, long drive!! Will my dog be okay? Will my sister be okay – she is still recovering from a lengthy illness and I wasn’t sure she should even be making the trip with me. I felt uncertainty, excitement and a bit nervous. What was I expecting? I had a life here, people that I knew I could count on, and a best friend that I liked living with. Family. I was going to be back with my family. It’s a little word but to me family is security. Family is who you love, hate, know and have the longest relationship with – for most people anyway. I was going back to Ontario to be with my family. I need them. I miss them, and being part of the family get togethers   – I missed being part of the hoopla that is when my family gathers. It is time to go home to stay. Bittersweet.  The road trip loomed but beyond that was the uncertainty of what would be the rest of my life. That thought brought on the stomach pains  and head pounding. I have work here – I will get work there. I felt a certainty. I felt that it didn’t matter that there are no teaching jobs – I will get one. A full time teaching job because I love teaching and I am a good, caring teacher. Someone will give me the break I need and deserve. Well now that school has started the road trip is behind me, the sister is fine, the dog is well, and I am with  my family. And have no teaching job. No job at all actually. My great conviction that I will somehow be lucky and get a teaching job is slowly dissolving. I want to hold on to that feeling of luck and optimism but it’s hard when reality is here as I sit in front of this day after day searching for work. The precious family I longed to be with hits me with barbs of sarcasm regularly to remind me I am unemployed and seem to be doing nothing but “playing” on my computer. Ha! This is not play. This is serious business. I am building a network and meeting so many teachers on Twitter and attending edchats and I attended the first ever Global Camp – wow it was amazing! It was from attending that Ed Camp that I am now blogging!! A lady from Greece inspired me and now here I am. I still keep in touch with her and all the people I met those wonderful 48 hours of learning. It was amazing. I just want to have a class to share the knowledge and inspire learning. I learned about tech toys, and how to animate books so they make sounds to encourage reading and engage the most reluctant of readers. I have a periscope account that I can watch live feeds from all over the world. It’s an amazing thing this little black box I can fold and carry with me – my computer. It is my saving grace that keeps me in touch with educators and learning and growing as an educator myself. I love my online friends and am so glad to have come home because I may not have grown and be involved with all these people if I didn’t come home.  It’s a time to get to know myself, and my family. We have been apart for more than eleven years and coming back together (to stay) is not the same as visiting. I am familiar with my family and we all need time to get to know one another. I do not know if they will ever see me as the educator, and woman I have become; I think they still see me as a little kid sister and daughter that needs to be told how and what to do. I guess we will eventually get use to one another. I hope and pray that I get a full time teaching job. I don’t want to go back to any other job. I love teaching. I feel like an in law that is trying to get use to the new family. I need my work to fill my time and provide an income to do things I love. I need the hugs of the children and the smiles and stories we share in the classroom. The classroom is my safe place where the real me comes out and shines and grows with the children that are my students. I miss my students. I hope they don’t miss me too much. I had one difficult boy that I thought needed a hug as he seemed so angry but when I offered he said,” No I don’t want a hug.” So I said, “I could use a hug.” He told me to hug myself. I thought that was brilliant and I do that a lot these days, and every time I hug myself I think of that little boy in that grade one class. I pray he learns to love and hug. I can really ramble on when I talk about teaching so I must wrap up and go do some other things. I hope this is interesting to you and you may find some inspiration to do what you love to do. As this post was suppose to be to a certain person I hope reads it – I guess time will tell. It is to anyone that is going through a transition or change and finds comfort knowing there is someone else going through a tough time as well. (me) I also added a photo for something new that I had never done before . Okay , time to do some french now. Au revoir! Yours in Education, D Mac.

Blogging 101 – Home – a one word inspiration

Today’s assignment is to write from a one word inspiration. The list had 6 words. I chose home. Home. Is home where the heart is? Or is home where you are living, working and developing a life? Can more than one place feel like home? What if no  place feels like home? Maybe I should pick another word. I feel homeless but  I am at home. I  am where I spent my childhood, went to school, and am very familiar with the immediate area.  A lot has changed in eleven years – vineyards are replaced with subdivisions, schools are now new and bigger, and more of them to accommodate all the new homes in the area, and the roadways are even new and improved – and a bit confusing. So this is my home, but different. I don’t really know anyone here outside my family, and even that is questionable. (visiting once or twice a year is not the same as living here – my nieces and nephew are so grown up and we don’t really know each other – I left when they were like 3 or 4 – now they are eleven years older!!) , I just arrived back after an eleven year absence and am living with family.  This is not the home I grew up in so I don’t have a real connection to the house either. So I didn’t feel at home in the place I spent the last decade, and just wanted to get back here. Now I am here and feel like a bit of a stranger in a vaguely familiar land. ( I am missing my home where I spent the last four years, and my job and the people I worked with. )If you look at my blog photo – the beach – there is where I feel at home!! Hearing the waves, seeing the big rock piles, the rocky beach, Hutch’s with it’s greasy smell of fish and chips, and of course the Skyway Bridge! I guess I am at home. I just need a job and my own house to really feel at home. It is nice to be with family – not just visiting, but really here – to stay. (I think I am driving them a little crazy though since I am here all the time – I hope I get a job soon) Well it’s mostly about home. Yours in Education, D Mac

Starting Blogging 101

Hello and welcome to the first of my writing/blogging course work. I want an interesting blog so I enrolled in a combined course to help me get going in the right direction. So already I have learned I can add tags. This helps bring people to my blog that may be interested in what I am writing about. The reason I decided to go public is so that people that may be thinking about becoming a teacher can see and journey with me the real-life experience of being a teacher these days. Sure a lot of people tell me that their mom, aunt, relative was a teacher and it was great. Well then this is not going to be your experience – if you have a relative already to help you with the “in” then your ahead of me. I am on my own. Sure I have seven years experience in another province and lots of letters of recommendation, even from principals, but to not know anyone!! is a tough place to be.  There is no teacher contract and that is in the news, plus the teachers in Ontario have the new curriculum for sex education.  I have always been comfortable explaining any sex related information to my children, or their friends, if they ever came to me with questions they may have been too afraid or embarrassed to ask their parents. I use proper terminology, and tell the truth as best I know it. I am so excited to get a class and yet the promise looks bleak. I do hope by some miracle that I get hired, full time by a great school board so I have an opportunity to show how much I love teaching, care about every child, and refuse to believe that there is a child that can not be taught. Every child can learn if I give them the tools, love, support and encouragement they need. It sounds like a lot because it is! That is why teachers want smaller class sizes, and parents should be backing them up with this. It is very difficult to get to each child when there are more than 18 children and one teacher. The figure is more like 25-28 students to one teacher.  Well now I am writing about my passion and rambling on beyond what you probably want to read. I will sign off for now and ask you to please support your child’s teacher. Get involved with the school, find out what you can do at home to help your child succeed at school and work as a team with the teacher, principal, and others to get the best education for your child.  Teachers always appreciate a homemade treat or just knowing you can help by donating those paper towel tubes, or old magazines you are no longer using. Yours in Education, Miss MacTavish.