Getting Started

Hello. I was encouraged to start a blog by  a dear lady I met at an online conference. She was presenting from Greece and has been blogging for years now. She is one of many friends I have met as I have been learning and growing my teaching interests over the past months. Thank you Vicky P.!! I hope you enjoy my site and find some useful information. So let’s get started. I encourage people to find a way to get paid for what they like to do.  Try many activities as you are growing up, so you figure out what you like to do, and find a way to get  paid to do it. I like to be active, I love learning, and I like being around children. It took me a few careers, but eventually I figured it out – I became a teacher. I absolutely love teaching !!  I am an elementary trained teacher, although  I have taught in classes from preschool to grade 12.  I enjoy teaching elementary the best and am focusing on this now.  The children are all so sweet, and I adore every one of the students I teach. Most of my blogging will be related to teaching (so far) in Canada. I hope you enjoy the adventure that is, “My Life as a Canadian Teacher.”  You can find me on Twitter @tchrdonna.  I look forward to hearing from you, and all kinds people, globally, sharing  their stories with me.(teacher or not I’d like to hear your story) Yours in Education, Miss Mac. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Getting Started

    1. I lost so much of my ability to write that it is hard for me to really talk about teaching.
      I really enjoy it for most of those 17 years. I wouldn’t have quit so soon except I didn’t have a choice. Health reasons.
      I had more trouble with a few of the parents every year than I ever did with any of the kids.
      I do have a long od stories I could share.
      Have a great rest of the week.

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