Time…It Does Not Stop

Wow, it has been a year and a few days since my last post-how delinquent of me!!

I am still teaching full time and working with a new bunch of third graders, as rambuncious as the last ones, and I love them all, as always!!

A few changes in staff and my role has become one of a more meaningful position, (in my mind if not in reality-hehe) although I may be just taking on more than I need to! 🙂 I apologize as I am not really focused on this entry – it is definitely a rant. I just hope anyone that is looking for a teaching job is having good luck. Be open, be willing to try new places you may have never considered before and learn all you can from what you get.

I believe I am fortunate to be working and love the challenges I have almost daily. Perhaps not at the time but they all help me grow as a teacher and a person, learning more about myself and others.

I see a writing challenge I may take up – still thinking about it- from one of the wonderful people I follow. I find my days are full already with working but I like writing on here! Time will tell…May God Bless You all and keep you on track through the rest of this year and into the New Year 2017!!

Yours in Education,

D Mac.


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