Happy Holidays !

images (1)Beachperson

Happy Holidays Everyone! I wish I was on the beach somewhere tropical, but I am quite happy with my family here in Southern Ontario with no snow and temps around 13 plus Celsius! That is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  I am fine with no snow! Happy in fact. Well with the school closed for two weeks I have a moment or two to tell about my wonderful full time teaching job! Thank God!! (and I did)

I am working and very happy – a little ways from my parents but that is fine too. I teach a very loud, busy bunch of super smart grade three children. They are curious as children should be, excited and eager to learn, and they make me so happy to be a teacher. I love them every one.

The school must be one of the few on this planet without computers for the students but we make do without. I am very disappointed though because I had so much planned to do with technology. I did start the Remind app so I can contact the parents easily and quickly and had only three join. So sad. Perhaps more will join if the word gets out how easy it is to talk to the teacher with the Remind app.

If you are willing to relocate I am sure there is a job for you too somewhere. I am going to catch up on the blogs I have been missing and see what my global friends are up to . I thank you all again for following me and sending kind thoughts and prayers out for me. I hope you all have wonderful holidays and are able to be with ones you love.

Yours in Education, Ms Mac!


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