Still Trying to Teach In Canada

Missed my midweek rant. I was busy on Wordy Wednesday putting up posters for my tutoring enterprise. I figure if I can’t get a teaching job I can make my own opportunities. I am not a huge fan of tutoring but I would rather do it than not teach at all. So I went out again today and put up more poster/flyers all around the area. I figure if I get one or two phone inquiries it will be worth all the time it took to design, print and post the flyers. In reality I believe for all the effort it took to put up the 15 or so flyers, I may get one or two contacts and possibly one client. One is all it takes – especially if the student is also a hockey player. How ironic that I choose hockey and I am in Canada. It is true though that a lot of students are on hockey teams and what do moms do while the kids are practicing and playing all that hockey – Talk!! So, again I say, if I can get one hockey player that would be great!! I have to do some French studies now so that’s all I have tonight. Have a great weekend and I will keep you posted as to Teaching In Canada. Yours in Education, D Mac.


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