Writing 101 – What Next?

images (1)wishes

There’s no point having Wishes

If you don’t at least Try

to make them come True    – I am trying: 

For those following me – thank you!! – I went into one school today which was not an easy task. Yes, I know how to walk; there is the buzzer on the wall and the perfect timing to opening the door as I got “buzzed in”. I felt like I was in America but I am pleased you can not just walk into an elementary school these days – not in my area anyway. I know I was suppose to go into two but the one I went in told me I should phone ahead and make an appointment to see the principal if I want to speak with them.  I will phone a few schools on Monday and book appointments. I wonder if the principal will phone me? If I were a principal and an experienced teacher came in to my school to offer to help students read I would definitely call and get that teacher in and helping as many students as possible. Any free help should be appreciated!! I also ordered some new business cards with my new phone number on them so I can leave them when I go to places that may be able to use my skills.  I am considering advertising in the local newspapers for tutoring but haven’t decided yet. I think I should try some local advertising first. Have a great weekend everyone!! D Mac


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