Wordy Wednesday – A Teaching (not) Rant


I live at the base of the Niagara Escarpment, since I can remember.(about 45 mins west of Niagara Falls,ON, Except for the last 11 years I was in  Alberta.) Now I am back on the same block I grew up on!! Wow! Love it here as leaves are turning red. Beautiful!!

Just finished a great twitter session with fellow educators (can I say that since I am a teacher even though I am not teaching?)  and some fabulous people that I just loved “meeting” and learning with. I am so excited to be able to connect and learn from these people – it is so inspiring. My dilemma is that I am not teaching yet and it is going to be October tomorrow. I have made some advertisements for tutoring in the area where I live and as luck has it rain prevails, with winds and coolness. Not making excuses, just wondering how to get my adverts to stay nice and readable if I put them around the hood with all this nasty water pelting down. I do have the clear plastic page protectors to put them in but how is the tape going to stick on the places I post them? It is not.  I guess I have to be my Sarah inspired super hero teacher ego/id ? and get my butt into some local schools. This is not easy. I feel so intimidated to present myself as an unemployed teacher so I want to volunteer my time helping students read. Why?!!! Exactly – why should I feel intimidated? So what if I don’t have a teaching job yet – that shouldn’t keep me from helping some precious, little sweetie read. I love teaching and seeing the excitement when a child learns to do something. I feel so inspired now that I have had a chance to connect and hear from other educators and I just want a class so bad that I am willing to do volunteer work until some principal recognizes teaching talent when they see me with the students. Ah no!! I had a principal tell me once he likes me on the sub list because I am the best sub he has. Hence he never wanted me to get hired because he wanted me to cover for his absent teachers. I don’t want to be stuck volunteering because a principal doesn’t want to have to pay me if he can get my work for free. Ah I will give it some time and see what happens. Maybe I can get on a substitute teacher list if I do some volunteer work and the principal sees what a great teacher I am. I am and I know I am because I have the reference letters from principals and teachers, and letters from students that love me and say I am the kindest teacher they ever had. I am not bragging here just stating facts and giving myself motivation to get my butt in the door and at least make an effort to start teaching again. Even if it is a volunteer position. I just want to help children to read. Almost all children can read – there may be some that truly can not but I believe most can. Given the right amount of assistance, support, kind words of encouragement and teaching how to sound words out, will help every child to read. Teachers do not have the time in the crowded classrooms of today’s schools (everywhere not just in my area) to provide that kind of attention. If a child is struggling they either get help from a volunteer like I am willing to do or they get left behind struggling and fighting to read on their own. I am sure most teachers want to help all their students succeed but in the reality of the classroom there is a schedule and lessons and if a student can not read the lesson then they are struggling to keep up. I have to get in the schools and start helping the teachers to get the children reading. Please send me some words of encouragement not to be afraid to approach busy principals that may have a secretary or office staff that doesn’t want to let me through. I do not know what I am going to say but I know I want to help the children. Do you realize if a child can not read they can not do most of the work in any subject? All subjects require the student to read to know what to do. Reading opens up the world to a person and allows them to get any information they want. Be happy you can read this now. I hope you can feel my passion for reading. I hope the admin at the school feels it and wants to give me a chance to help. I will go pick my outfit as first impressions count and I want to be impressive. I think my rambling mouth will get me in more than a studious teacher suit and sensible shoes. Or should I go for a heel? I am a shoe lady and love fashion too – but that’s another blog – this is just my teaching space. So there you go – I have made a blog site for teaching so I have to be teaching or I will have to re-do my whole blog site and I do not want to do that. Okay – Thursday October 1st, 2015, I am going to walk in to at least two offices of the two local elementary schools and I will let you know what transpires. Wish me the best! Yours in Education – again- can I say that if I am not teaching? Please -this is my space – hehe.  Here I go!  D Mac.


6 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – A Teaching (not) Rant

  1. You are a teacher anyway. Teaching or not. It’s really tough for teachers to get permanent jobs here in Australia, not sure if it is the same where you are. I can imagine how you feel about volunteering – are you doing yourself out of a paid job? Hang in there, there is probably some change coming to your life that you don’t know about yet lol!
    With regard to your posters, why don’t you get a laminator and some thumb tacks? The lamination would keep light rain off and it also stiffens up your notice, which you could still put in a page protector. At the same time, you can make yourself some cute business cards to give to people to put in their wallets, in case they know someone who needs a tutor.

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    1. Oh thank you so much for your words of advice and encouragement. I really appreciate them!!
      I never thought about laminating them – I do have a laminater. I also have business cards
      and will hand some of those out as well. You are very insightful and I am glad to have
      your wisdom to guide me. Thank you and have a great rest of the week!!


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