What Do You Do in A Day – still part of the blogging 101 series

dogwithstickatbeach lakeontariowaves2

Hearing the waves crashing and watching my dog play in the water are such great parts of my day today!

I don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy an expanse of water ( that is Lake Ontario). Sure I may not be going swimming today but just sitting on the shore, in the grasses and watching my dog enjoy the water is so relaxing and soothing I just love it. I remember so many days when I lived in Alberta just wishing I could go to the water because it relaxes me and takes all the tensions away with every swoosh of a wave. A few minutes and life is good again. No drugs, no alcohol, nothing but waves crashing. I feel lucky.

We started the day today the same as always with a visit to the big back yard that is full of mature trees, with busy squirrels gathering nuts. I sip coffee and wake up as poochy tries to get the little fuzzy critters. Two cups of coffee and then he waits patiently for me as I go in and get dressed. It is nice to be so secluded that I can go out in my pj’s and enjoy my morning coffee in the back garden. I feel lucky.

We walk down the quiet street, by now all the school buses and kids are gone to school. We cross the street into a field and we both run and play along a path. He chases something – I am guessing grasshoppers – and I enjoy the sound of the train clicking along the tracks not far off. Life is good. I feel lucky!

Out of the field and not far along the street we come to a fabulous park with a grand forest of old, very big, tall trees. Poochy gets to chase those fuzzy critters some more! He is so happy. And look how fast he runs after them. I gather some acorns, still with their little hats on too. I find some other nuts and add them to my collection. These will go into my science tub for the classroom I am still hoping to get. I like to have real things for my students to see, feel, smell and hold as we learn about them.  Friends show up, it is so nice to see them. The dogs play a bit together. We walk the dogs around the park, and then continue along, talking and chatting. We get to my place and I share my back garden retreat. My friends are surprised. You can’t see it at all from the road and the dog runs all around the big back yard. My dog is glad to be home and lays down in his usual spot, ignoring the spirited pup in his space. My friends go home. I am in my back garden. I feel lucky!

We relax for a bit. I go in the house and have a chat with my beautiful mom. I love being here and being able to see her daily. I missed her when I was in Alberta. It is good to be home. I feel  lucky!

My son enters the room and says good morning. I like being able to see him every day too. He left Alberta before me and I thought I would go crazy. Of course I didn’t. It is good to be close again. I feel lucky!

(It was at this point the dog and I went to the beach.)

How do I finish this feeling so lucky theme? If only I got a full time teaching job I would feel even more lucky? Or if I won so much money in a legal lottery that I didn’t have to work I would feel lucky? Most people would like that!

Life is good now. I have all of Maslow’s basics covered. Loving family, a home, food,clothes, and even a companion dog.

I am lucky. I hope you are lucky too! D Mac.


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