A Community Event – part of Blogging 101

Today was a challenge to join a community event. Apparently there is a community for bloggers (of course there is). It was difficult to pick one as there are so many events that appeal to me. The different colour scheme of this one (see here) made me pick it.

The challenge is to write about where beep beep boop came from, and how it inspired the staff at WorPress. You know that message we get while we are waiting to write the post. I admit when I first saw it I thought, “Oh that’s so cute!” Because it is cute. So I found a picture and will create a little post about what I think it means.

images (1)beepboop

The picture is the staff at WordPress, wandering by one  another saying Beep, beep, boop, than laughing hysterically. It is definitely an inside joke. Someone started it, and without real intention, it just became a thing. Or was it intentional? No, wasn’t – it made everyone laugh for reasons even they don’t know. That’s when it got plopped into the site as  a waiting signal for greatness. Meaning all the great bloggers here! Maybe it means, “Blog with us” or ” Just write something” I don’t want to know because it is more fun to make up my own meaning. I am sure somewhere in the cubicles of WP there is a Star Wars junkie that knows the truth……

To me, it means, “Hold that very exciting thought you are dying to share because there are people that want to read it. We are trying to get your site ready for all that craziness to come from your brain, to your fingers, to the page.”

I sit with a small smile as I watch the little blue balls dance under the words and think about what my post will start with. I feel a bit like I am at a starting gate, waiting for the gun to go off so I can start! Thanks WP – I like it!

What do you think it means? Please leave me a comment.  Happy Weekend! Always learning, D Mac.


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