Being a New Teacher

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Knowing that you are going to have a struggle getting a job and living through the struggle are two different mind-sets. To begin I felt so confident that it didn’t matter that there are no jobs – I am a lucky person, I will somehow be chosen to be the new teacher. Time fast forward almost three months of applications and not even an interview and the confidence is starting to decrease. Not bad for three months of having nothing but time to ponder, and create scenarios of success and wonderful smiling faces of students that are yet to present. Even earlier today I sent out applications to a couple of schools, with that glimmer of hope that never escaped the jar!! Hope – a tiny word but it is so powerful. It drives me forward and has me here again, inspired to never give up!! Now the creativity is flowing and I am trying to come up with new ideas that I can do to stay in the teaching field but not necessarily be in a classroom. The obvious one is presenter on one of the collaborative unhangouts I meet at every Saturday morning, although it is unpaid, it is so wonderful to share knowledge, get feedback from other teachers and enhance my skill set by expanding to presenter. (similar to teaching but to adults with intelligence) Then there is tutoring, which is a great place, I just have to get one or two clients to get started and then I am generally too busy to take all the families that want me!! I just need those few students to start! (there’s hope again) I think I’m going to create a little animation for “Hope” Truly a feminine trait to add life to formally inanimate objects. Then the other idea is to offer to present at public events such as the next teacher’s convention. Most of the presenters were once teachers or they are teachers. I have some great ideas I just need to organize so they can be presented in an organized, informative fifty minute session to a room full of fellow educators. Literacy, numeracy, “How to Treat your Substitute and Prepare your Class for their Arrival.” This is my key plan right now. I can also do a presentation on “What to expect from the Tutor”. Having been a tutor and substitute teacher for several years now I sure have a lot to say about both. Hey – two seminars!! See, all it takes is a little creativity and I can generate some income!! Wish me luck – of course you’ll all hear about it right here. Yours in Education, D Mac.


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