Blogging 101- Not What I Expected

Expectations are wonderfully annoying to me, and yet they pop up uninvited all the same. I find they consistently do not coincide with the reality of my life.  Having said that I am asked to put a survey into my blog, it didn’t happen. I could not understand the instructions and it just isn’t working.Today I am asked to link a comment I made on someone else’s post!! Again – not happening as I just do not understand the process or the explanation of how to link my comment on their post back to my post. (it’s confusing just writing it). I would like to thank all the people that comment on my posts – I wish there was a great, easy-to-follow way to reply to your comments but I have no idea how. Thank you to those that follow my blog as well! I really, really appreciate your follows. Again, I do not know how to thank you the way I see others posting under comments thanking the commenter. I thought blogging 101 would explain how to do things in the blog posts, how to add widget – what ever a widget is?- and how to make your site the way you (I) want it. I have not got the site at all how I would like it – do not know how to do things  like I see on other great-looking blogs, and posts and am too frustrated now to worry about it. I spend so much time trying that I end up frustrated and do not even get a post written. So until I get more patience this is the best I have to offer. I often wonder if other people are frustrated trying to do things or set up their posts with no luck?Please know that I appreciate your comments and follows and I hope you continue to read my rants – I will do my best to keep following the blogging 101 course and the writing 101 course. Going to do a workout to relieve some stress! Yours in Education(just not blog education-hehe), D Mac


3 thoughts on “Blogging 101- Not What I Expected

  1. I left the first comment so there would be one to reply to. Approve it, then if you look underneath it on your blog post, you’ll see a blue star plus ‘Like’ and under that an arrow and ‘Reply’. Click on ‘Reply’ to get a comment box. Write whatever you want to say, then press ‘Post Comment’ in the black box at the bottom. The person who left the comment will automatically be notified just as you are. Good luck!


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