An Open Letter

September 18, 2015

Dear People,

It would be so much easier to communicate with you if you just spoke honestly and clearly about what you want. I feel that I speak well and communicate what I need and try to make you understand my boundaries. If people could just say exactly what they mean instead of , “you know what  I mean” or “Well, that’s because of who I am”. I do not understand what these sentences mean and it serves me no purpose to hear them. When asking for an explanation I am not trying to be rude or insensitive or difficult – I truly want plain, simple English that I can make sense out of and not have to interrpret. “Well I’m a guy sooooo”  so what? Not all guys are the same and even if they are I am not one so saying that means nothing to me. “Well I am your mother” and…..?? I am a mother too – what do you mean?!!  All I ask is for clear communication – it seems too hard for most of you to give me that so I will continue to go around making my own conclusions – and we all know how grand that is!!   So, sincerely, your confused associate. D Mac


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