Success Comes from Surprising Places

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Being able to find a positive from a negative takes creativity, determination and a little imagination.See They Fired Me. I am looking for my freedom, sweet, income-producing, fun career. It also has to serve the community with something useful that will help people around me. Yes, my profile is correct, I am a teacher, I just don’t have my own classroom. So tonight was the beginning of my breakthrough. I get very determined and then try to channel that energy into something positive, creative, and useful for my income. Talking to other teachers, presenting my ideas and ways to teach could be useful. I am so excited because I feel like I am on the edge of the forest, hiking along and if I just keep going a clearing is ahead and my big aha! will be there waiting for me. So any comments about your school or community – what you think they could use for keeping kids healthy, ways to improve the classroom, particularly so your child can learn better/easier. Anything, no matter how small, that you think would help children learn and enjoy classes would be appreciated. I am focusing on the health and fitness area – but a lot of subjects overlap. Physical Education is very important as it builds the foundations for how your child will or will not participate in sports later in life. Gym time is not letting the class run around and scream and throw balls at one another. Teaching the proper form to throw, kick and receive an object are skills that are rarely ever taught. Just let them play a game is not a lesson plan. Having a recreational center where I can have classes for kids is more what I am thinking. Real skills, a real teacher that cares that your children know how to move their body properly, and will understand the importance of all aspects of physical health, including eating, sleeping, stress management, and how to have conversations with people. Conversations are a process of talking, shutting up and listening to someone else talk, and then responding to what the other person said. Interruptions, cutting off and shutting down are not healthy ways to communicate. If you have a teenage you probably have experienced an eye roll or two as a response as well. We need to teach (people) kids how to communicate and use words appropriately, and effectively. I am somewhat scattered here. What do you see as needed in the community for healthy kids? This creates a wide open comment option for a variety of responses but that is what is need to help me find a missing  link  that I may be able to fill. Yours in Education, D Mac


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