Blogging101 – a quote

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”
― Robert Frost

Oh this hit something in me because it is not always easy to listen to some things and not react. It is so difficult for me to maintain my self-confidence when I don’t get the job,or don’t get whatever it is I was hoping to get. So many times – and yet I must maintain calm and composure to be educated and proper. To lose my temper and raise my voice is so degrading and humiliating I can not even describe the feeling. I work on this always but in the moment I sometimes forget; As most of us do I believe. I want to be the calm and quiet of Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada when I actually feel like spinning my head around and raising my arms while screaming. I am getting there. I am learning to laugh and dismiss a lot of events and comments. I believe it is a sign of an educated individual to be able to be calm and collected and know the right things to say in various situations. Wish me luck!! I am sure it will require insane amounts of physical activity such as boxing, cross training and swimming many laps to burn off the fires that must be contained in this proper, politically correct world we dwell in.Do you relate here?  That’s all I got for this quote.

Robert Frost was an American poet, although his work was published in England first. Some of his famous poems are The Road Not Taken, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, and Dreams. There are many more too numerous to list here.

Next quote:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
― Marcus Tullius Cicero

This resonates as I am awaiting the arrival of my next sure-to-be favorite book. I look for another one to read as I wait patiently for a book to come through the mail from America. I find a wonderful book about the early, early beginnings of Canada from as far back as the late 1600’s. It is so nice to read and learn. I am not one for the murder mystery or romance of a non-fiction. My mind craves facts, real statistics and stories that are based on truth and building of greatness. It can be anything so long as it is based on reality and teaches me some lesson from those that went before me. I search for novels to engage youngsters to enjoy and embrace reading as a way to escape and go places and see things they may never get to see otherwise. I may be sitting in a lawn chair in a yard, but my mind is way off in some place learning how to fly a hot air balloon, or how to plumb a new sink. (not actually plumbing) As long as I am engaged I am happy. I can not imagine a place without books. I do not mind on line books even, as long as I can read and absorb some experience that may be useful one day to me. I adore the time, effort, and research that authors put into their writing, even fictional books have knowledge that is truthful and real when one researches. I learned so much about the first explorers from Europe and their interactions with the natives of Canada by reading a story-like novel of many short stories that told of the experience. The disease that wiped out thousands, the mistreatment of all people when they were not use to one another and the way that Canada finally settled into a country of relative peace and growth. I do not get from television what books present to my mind, I love the way words so carefully chosen can fill my mind, making me forget where and when and taking me on a fantastic journey to distant times and places. Some are wonderful, some are not  but that is the way life is. Books can be used for so many purposes and I strive to share my passion with children and get them interested in books of all kinds. The more one reads the more knowledge they acquire and the more they are able to contribute to conversation, and become interesting people with interesting things to say and share. Please make sure to do your best to get children and adults involved in reading and find a world of wonder – what ever that may be for them. I love this topic more than I thought I would and I hope my passion inspires someone out there to pick up a book. If it doesn’t interest you then find one that does. What ever your interest I am pretty sure there is a book that can broaden your knowledge on the topic and fascinate you. I wish you all the best and look forward to some great comments. Yours in Education, D Mac

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman politician, lawyer, philosopher and orator and lots more. He was from a time so long ago. He was assassinated in Italy in 43 BC.


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