Write a List – My Writing Assignment Today

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Things I like, Things I wish, Things I learned. Hmmm. I like a lot of things so that would be an extensive list, I certainly have learned a lot so that would be extensive, and wishes, well that would be a big list as well. So I will go with – learned because I am a teacher and this is a teacher theme blog site. I have learned:

I like watching a sky full of stars when it is really dark out and you can see them all the way to the horizon!!

Learning is not the same for many people and I have to be very creative when teaching. Some times students can teach something in a way I never would think of and it works!!

watching how people interact when they think nobody is watching tells a lot about who they really are or what they are really like.

Life is not fair. It is more about who you know than what you know in most areas of life!! Do not expect and you will not be disappointed. You can hope – just do not expect because….(what ever reason you may expect something to happen)

Things will happen that we do not expect to happen – learn to deal with it in a positive manner. It can end up great!!

Be positive because it is more bearable to be around someone positive instead of someone that is complaining and whining all the time.

If your socks do not match it is okay – even if you are the teacher.

You can never live up to everyone else’s expectations so please yourself and be happy .

Be honest -(unless it is a surprise party)  it is easier, and you will sleep better. You may have to learn to say some things in a way that does not make anyone defensive but you will learn and you will be respected for your honesty. (mostly)

Say what you need to and then shut up and listen. Do not ramble on and on when you are in a conversation. It bores people. They will stop calling you and answering your phone calls if you do not know how to have a proper conversation that flows back and forth. Teach your family, friends and others the art of conversation. Talk, listen, digest and respond. Yes this is a big one for me – I know so many people that just blab on and on and interrupt and there is no real conversation with them. I use to do this too!! I learned from a life time of experience and a lot of observations.

the best friend is someone that listens and responds honestly – even if it is not what you want to hear. Thanks to all my wonderful friends. Some I only know online but they are very precious to me!

writing helps even if you never publish or send or do anything but tear it up.

blogging is a great way to meet people with similar likes as yourself and you can get a lot of free information if you are willing to put in some time and read what others have to say.

Twitter is amazing for meeting people that like what I like and have similar interests – not at all what i was expecting from Twitter. I am amazed in a great way!! Thank you all my twitter friends!!

Teachers are not good students. They talk when they should be listening and they do not pay attention during presentations – so if you want to hear the speaker sit at the very front!! ( sorry if you are a good student/listening teacher but many years of teacher conventions have taught me this one)

Sandwich less than great information between great information so you can start and finish talks on positive notes.

Do not buy impulsively – if the store is closing leave it and come back the next day if you really want it. Nobody else will buy it – the store is closing!! It will give you time to think over night and consider if you really need it

Do not blow too close to the candles if they have been burning on the birthday cake for a little bit – wax flies and it hurts – sorry my sweetie!! I still feel bad about this!!

finding a job that you like to do and enjoy going to every day is more important than a position or money. (to me)

I hope you like and can relate or use some of the stuff I have included in what I have learned. I could go on but that is enough. Au revoir. Miss D Mac.

and finally I have learned that if there is nobody to hug you then hugging yourself feels good too!


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