Blogging 101 – Home – a one word inspiration

Today’s assignment is to write from a one word inspiration. The list had 6 words. I chose home. Home. Is home where the heart is? Or is home where you are living, working and developing a life? Can more than one place feel like home? What if no  place feels like home? Maybe I should pick another word. I feel homeless but  I am at home. I  am where I spent my childhood, went to school, and am very familiar with the immediate area.  A lot has changed in eleven years – vineyards are replaced with subdivisions, schools are now new and bigger, and more of them to accommodate all the new homes in the area, and the roadways are even new and improved – and a bit confusing. So this is my home, but different. I don’t really know anyone here outside my family, and even that is questionable. (visiting once or twice a year is not the same as living here – my nieces and nephew are so grown up and we don’t really know each other – I left when they were like 3 or 4 – now they are eleven years older!!) , I just arrived back after an eleven year absence and am living with family.  This is not the home I grew up in so I don’t have a real connection to the house either. So I didn’t feel at home in the place I spent the last decade, and just wanted to get back here. Now I am here and feel like a bit of a stranger in a vaguely familiar land. ( I am missing my home where I spent the last four years, and my job and the people I worked with. )If you look at my blog photo – the beach – there is where I feel at home!! Hearing the waves, seeing the big rock piles, the rocky beach, Hutch’s with it’s greasy smell of fish and chips, and of course the Skyway Bridge! I guess I am at home. I just need a job and my own house to really feel at home. It is nice to be with family – not just visiting, but really here – to stay. (I think I am driving them a little crazy though since I am here all the time – I hope I get a job soon) Well it’s mostly about home. Yours in Education, D Mac


4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Home – a one word inspiration

  1. I recently moved and it is now starting to feel like home. Coming home and smelling the scent of cooked food now reminds me of my husband only. I am not sure how the holidays are going to be just yet but I will soon find out.


    1. Best of luck. I appreciate your comment. If you have your husband and yourself you can start some nice
      holiday traditions of your own with the memories of both your families coming together in your own
      new things that you choose to do. Just a thought.Plan to do things so you don’t feel homesick during the
      holidays. I wish you well.

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