Free, Online Professional Development

As summer is quickly passing I am looking for more ways to make myself stand out on the education market. I search for webinars, and any place to learn more about what may (or may not) be asked of me to teach. I  have a basic knowledge of music, French, and I love art and being outdoors. I believe the great outdoors is full of science and is the best place to teach about the environment. It is with feeling a child sees a bunch of ducks flying in a V formation, noisily across the sky – they won’t soon forget it. I say they are migrating south for the winter. We talk about the word migration and then find out what other animals migrate. This is an ideal building block for hibernation, and what animals hibernate for winter. We can take walks and see how the seasons are changing – I feel fortunate (sometimes) to live in a climate with four seasons. I just wish the winter was much shorter! The point of my blog today was not to discuss my techniques for teaching science but to introduce the latest free site for everything education, on a global level.  I am not getting paid to promote the site, nor do I get any bonus for mentioning it. It is just a great site I wanted to share with you. The site is free for many resources, and they are all submitted by teachers from around the globe. There are free live webinars you can search the topic and grade levels, or get free resources from an easily searchable data base. I hope you check it out and find it as useful as I am finding it. I also want to take a moment and thank everyone that is following me on here and on twitter. I am so pleased to have people following me on twitter – @tchrdonna – as I continue to learn about the latest technology for the classroom, the newest Google apps, Microsoft apps and much more. I am so busy keeping up with my PLN that I have not had a lot of time to read other peoples blogs. I am enjoying the online friends and sharing of ideas. For my readers in other areas I hope school is off to a wonderful start and everyone is having a great beginning to the new school year!!


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