August is fleeting!

Well here we are another weekend gone by and I have more that I want to do with my class. If it is to be that I get a class. I still am holding my positive attitude and learning as much as I can to be ready. (I am an optimist!) I went looking for a live hangout to learn something on an Edcamp and ended up learning so much from various websites. Oh I am so wanting to have a class so that I can watch them learn and be excited to be in a class that they are allowed to help one another and are encouraged to share their learning. Have you seen the latest apps for iPads? I swear who ever makes those things is in cahoots with educators to sell more of them. Minecraft for education is a huge topic on twitter and it has so many posts online as to how to use minecraft and other building apps to create fun, engaged learning. The one site, not to endorse anyone but it was magnificent, was showing how to use building sites to engage writing. Writing! Have the students build a landscape and then go to mindmap and have them embed their image and explain it. Genious!! Even the most reluctant writers would engage in this I am sure. Oh how did the teachers get their ideas without the internet? No wonder our work was so boring – no offence to any of my past teachers – you didn’t have the internet and technology that I am fortunate to have today. I just need a classroom, and a class,(smiling). I will tutor and have my own iPad so my tutoring students can experience some of what I am learning while they are at Teacher Donna’s Tutoring. How’s that for a name? I like tutoring to some degree as it is one on one, as long is the student is wanting to be in attendance. It is hard to engage anyone that would rather be doing anything else. I am probably one of a few teachers that will let them use Minecraft to explain their understanding of perimeter and area to me. (bonus!) I am just learning about coding. What is coding? Well I am feeling pretty fortunate to have stumbled  upon a website that explains it so well, provides examples and gives easy to copy codes. There are all kinds of sites just search “coding”. Coding is when you add some website-like (long) address so that people will go to your blog(thank you) or twitter account by clicking on it (the code)  :). I am sure it can be used to program anything you want, but as far as my 20 minute reading went, that is what I got from it. So this is where you, my readers, may leave me links so that I may get more information about this coding stuff. (please doin the comments section) It has to be easy because I don’t get it if it is too technical.  If I can get into this technology stuff, so can you!! It is fun, and you just don’t regard negative comments because there are always people that are negative. Just be positive and know you are helping yourself, and probably, at least one other person. Be strong in yourself and your passion – things will happen positively for you!! I wish you all a great week! Thanks for reading,  Yours in Education, Miss M. 🙂


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